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Sorry, boss lady. I want to work for Rahm Emanuel.

Think about it.

I just placed in my corporate blog for all the world to see that I want to move to Chicago and work for the former chief-of-staff and current Chicago mayor, Captain Cuss-a-Lot Rahm Emanuel! 

Why you ask? 


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Is GMA making Robin Roberts' Illness Must-See TV?

It almost seems sardonic to suggest such a thing, but there a point where anyone when positioning an issue becomes promoting an issue. Typically, when that happens, pushing the issue too far isn't too far behind. 


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HCK2 Volunteers with Entrepreneurs for North Texas to Honor Lives Lost on 9/11

Every year, members of Entrepreneurs for North Texas(EFNT) gather on September 11 to help a community in need to "honor lives changed on 9/11/01 by changing lives today," as EFNT's slogan says so well. 


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HCK2 Proudly Supports United Supermarkets’ 21st Jacky Pierce Charity Classic

Since May 2011, HCK2 has been honored to work with United Supermarkets, LLC (United), parent company to Market Street, Amigos, United Supermarkets and United Express.


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Gabby Giffords: Girl Power Personified

HCK2 is a proud woman-owned agency. I'm married to an amazing woman. And I'm the son of a likewise dynamo of a girl. That said, we like to keep up-to-date on what pioneering women are doing. Last night, was one such breathtaking experience.


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OneSource Virtual Won the Leading Fast Tech Company Award for 2012


Did you really think we would miss out on an opportunity to brag about one of our clients’ successes? Absolutely not!


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USPS Gambles On Its Own Junk Mail

First, the United States Postal Service (USPS) was considering closing branch locations with limited foot traffic. Next, the Postmaster General thought jacking the prices of stamps to current gas prices would be wise. Then, USPS thought closing on Saturdays would work. 


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An Answer to Those Hated Word Lists

Synergy. Moving the Needle. Low Hanging Fruit. Mindshare.

Whatever the corporate buzzword, cliche, aphorism or jargon you use...for the love of Pete, please stop! How did these mind-numbing jingles become so popular among people named Bob, Dave and well, Pete?!


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OLYMPIC TALK: Where's your patriotism, D/FW?

Well, that was fun. London had one of the most hideous eyesore logos in the history of Olympic ever, but apparently people didn't mind too much.


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Advertising is Dead. Just Ask Wall Street.

Most of us have seen an episode of "Law & Order" or "CSI." Bad things happen in this world, kids. That said [cue harp music]...imagine with me:

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