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HCK2 INTERNally: Did PR win Election 2012?

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Our newest addition to the team, Ms. Brianna Jackson, was inspired by the festivities last night so she opined about her experience. Considering this was her first election, I would say, "Job well done.")


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America to Hyundai, Kia, "Your car gets how many MPG again?!"

I, much like many in America, was watching the news over the weekend to touch base with our friends in the Tri-State area and see how they are dealing with the aftermath of Sandy. Of course, one of the top second-tier stories is the high demand for gas. Tragic to see those lines, which are stark reminders of how President Reagan had to ration gas for the whole country in his day. (Look it up.


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How to turn all that tricked-up candy into a treat for our soldiers

I've been at this PR thing for a while, and the art to keeping a client relevant at times is chiming in with holidays. However, Halloween is a little different. Unless it's death, horror or anything else sardonic (like tax collecting or gas prices), it's tough to find an angle. 


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Who Knew Buying a Cute Purse Could Save a Life?

Located at the beautiful Samuel Lynne Galleries in Dallas’ Design District, one of our clients, Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Greater Dallas(CCCS), recently hosted its 3rd Annual Purses with a Purpose, a live and silent auction with a night of jewelry, fashion and an elegant wine pull.


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Klyde Warren Park: The Bridge to Somewhere?

There hasn't been this much ballyhoo over a grand opening in this city since IKEA in Frisco, In & Out Burger in Dallas, the Apple store in Uptown or the new Texas Stadium in Fair Park. (Oh yeah. Hurts to miss that one.)


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Did you survive Arctic Blast 2012?

I love Texas Weather. It's so unpredictable. I mean, Mother Nature cops a real 'tude in the Lone Star State. Must be the cheap beer. Regardless, this past weekend there was a huge kerfuffle and if you were anywhere near a television, you HAD to have heard about it. 


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Sorry, boss lady. I want to work for Rahm Emanuel.

Think about it.

I just placed in my corporate blog for all the world to see that I want to move to Chicago and work for the former chief-of-staff and current Chicago mayor, Captain Cuss-a-Lot Rahm Emanuel! 

Why you ask? 


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Is GMA making Robin Roberts' Illness Must-See TV?

It almost seems sardonic to suggest such a thing, but there a point where anyone when positioning an issue becomes promoting an issue. Typically, when that happens, pushing the issue too far isn't too far behind. 


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HCK2 Volunteers with Entrepreneurs for North Texas to Honor Lives Lost on 9/11

Every year, members of Entrepreneurs for North Texas(EFNT) gather on September 11 to help a community in need to "honor lives changed on 9/11/01 by changing lives today," as EFNT's slogan says so well. 


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HCK2 Proudly Supports United Supermarkets’ 21st Jacky Pierce Charity Classic

Since May 2011, HCK2 has been honored to work with United Supermarkets, LLC (United), parent company to Market Street, Amigos, United Supermarkets and United Express.

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