Take Us Out to the Ball Game

By: Katie Post
- May 24, 2013

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Get this. It's our Katie Post's first week on the job, and she gets to do this?! Of course, we made her write the blog. Enjoy.]

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Changing A Child’s Life, One Dollar At A Time

By: Elizabeth Zamora
- May 16, 2013

Every child deserves a chance to soar, and no one better understands this than Jonathan’s Place, which hosted its second annual “A Chance To Soar” luncheon this week at Brook Hollow Golf Club in Dallas.

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When It Comes to Marketing, Know Where You’re Going

By: Administrator
- May 14, 2013

The strategy for marketing your organization is always evolving. If you are not sure how to move your organization forward, we think this adage holds true: Sometimes you have to remember where you have been to determine where you’re going.

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Estimating Reading Time for Blog Posts

- May 10, 2013

Here at HCK2, we write. We write plenty. Some of us are wordy and others are concise. And, we all try and have something worthwhile to share with our readers regarding our industry or theirs.

However, research tells us that some of you might not have the time to read all that we might have to say!

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“The Perfect Interview:” A Must Read for College Students

- May 08, 2013

There are countless interview how-to guides on the bookshelves and online, but job pursuit protocol seems to be such common sense. That's why I’m always amazed when my expectations are not met.

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Photografree: HCK2 Gets Schooled in Photography 101

By: Emi FitzGerald
- April 30, 2013

With the advent of digital cameras, a new realm of photography is open for the everyday user that was once reserved for the professional photographer.

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“Stuff” is not Going to Make Everyone Hang on Your Every Word

By: Gabe Macias
- April 23, 2013

Have you ever attended a presentation with great content, but you couldn’t get past the speaker’s choice of words? Pretty much ruined it for you, didn’t it?

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You’re Never Too Old for a Classic Grilled Cheese Sandwich

By: Christy Morris
- April 16, 2013

The Dallas dining icon (and our wonderful client partner), Norma’s Cafe, celebrated National Grilled Cheese Day on April 12 for its 4th consecutive year. To mark the festivities, each location gave free classic grilled cheese sandwiches to every guest!

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PR Writing Tips You Can Learn From the World of Music

By: Administrator
- April 09, 2013

[EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the latest missive from our Gloria Lee. You will learn some interesting things about her in this one. Enjoy.]

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HCK2 Managing Partner Kenneth Kracmer Featured in

- April 02, 2013

PR agency professionals know that not all new business pitches can be treated the same.

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