Sweet Social Media Tips from Dunkin’ Donuts

By: Elizabeth Zamora
- March 17, 2014

I had the pleasure of attending the first Dallas PRSA breakfast meeting of the year to hear Dunkin’ Donuts’ very own Karen Raskopf, senior vice president and chief communications officer, speak at the Mary Kay headquarters.

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Media Pitching: Not Your Average Joe

By: Lauren Griffin
- February 28, 2014

Last week I moderated an internal discussion about "Media Relations Best Practices." While we all might have our own preferences on how we conduct media outreach, we can all agree developing a media pitch and identifying the appropriate media outlets takes a little more time than simply writing an email and sending it to the first reporter you find.

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How TV's Social Media Strategies Can Help You

- February 21, 2014

A recent article by PRNewser explains social strategies used by TV shows and how they apply to all brands. In short, they state it's important to listen to fans to set the stage, tailor your content to different groups, use multiple social media platforms to convey your message, and to not forget that active and timely engagement is key.

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Analyst Relations: Could it be Beneficial for Your Business?

By: Christy Morris
- February 04, 2014

During this past year at HCK2, I've had the opportunity to explore analyst relations. Now, if you had asked me when I started what I thought analyst relations was, I would have compared it to an inflatable obstacle course you see at kids' birthday parties (you know, the ones with the tunnels, nets and slides) where I have no clue how to best approach the thing.

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Can a PR Stunt Change the World?

- January 27, 2014

Conservative lightening rod talk show host Glenn Beck stated in an interview yesterday that he "regrets helping tear the country apart." Perhaps more interesting than the interview itself was a subsequent article written for professional communicators that questioned motives for Mr. Beck's new approach. I don't follow Mr. Beck, but I thought the discussion as a whole was quite interesting.

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Giving Back to Veterans Who Defend Our Freedom

By: Administrator
- August 22, 2013

Homes for Defenders of Freedom, an HCK2 client and outgrowth of Defenders of Freedom, had the honor of presenting a new, custom-built home in Dallas for disabled U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Curtis Zachary and his family on July 12, 2013.

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How to Use Your ePortfolio to Tell Your Story

By: Leila Mustafa
- August 05, 2013

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Our own Leila Mustafa wrote this post...hopefully, about her experience that brought her here opposed to anything she better not be thinking currently! Enjoy.]

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Reflections on an Internship

By: Administrator
- July 08, 2013

[EDITOR'S NOTE: This is from our interactively minded Candace Walker. Enjoy her musings about internship.]

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Just Revisit the Cause

By: Administrator
- June 27, 2013

Let’s face it – we’ve all been trapped in the monotony of work at times. We consult our daily, weekly or monthly to-do lists (or all three if you’re ultra type-A like me) and find ourselves overwhelmed with the number of check boxes staring back at us. In those moments, we adopt a “just get it done” mindset.

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Another Reason Why We Still Need the Media

- May 28, 2013

The ongoing debate about how the media is dying, evolving, this or that, seems to escalate at times but never really goes away.  However, I feel compelled to inject some positive mojo for consideration. 

Personally, the reality that 2013 is almost halfway over is sinking in following a series of unfortunate events that have made major headlines.

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