We’re Right Up Your Alley

By: Katie Post
- July 15, 2014

Last week, to commemorate the transition to our new home at Vitruvian Park, the HCK2 team went on an after-hours bowling celebration, hosted by The Amend Group, a commercial real estate firm who helped us find our new home – that’s just how we roll. While producing quality work and maintaining excellent client relations is of the utmost importance for people in our industry, it is key to uphold superior inter-office relations. Our bowling night did just that.

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Analyst Relations: Executing a Successful Analyst Briefing (Part 2)

By: Christy Morris
- July 07, 2014

This is the second blog of a three part series highlighting industry analyst relations and what businesses should know when considering this tactic as part of its integrated marketing communications efforts. In Part I of this blog series, I highlighted my introduction to analyst relations and how to determine if it is an appropriate tactic for your company. So naturally, if you’ve determine it is, the next step is to execute an effective analyst briefing and ensure you leave a lasting impression.

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The Understated Elegance of Copywriters

By: Sara Brace
- May 27, 2014

Copywriters are more than just people who can string a few words together, they are the artists of their language, crafting physical meaning from thoughts and ideas. Great writing demands to be felt. Really amazing writers evoke raw emotion. Whether their words make you laugh, punch you in the stomach or tug on your heartstrings, it makes no difference; you are effectively feeling something both in and outside yourself.

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Finding a PR Job Without a PR Major

By: Jennifer Keith
- May 27, 2014

Regardless of the job you’re looking for, the search is a job in itself. But if you aren’t majoring in public relations in college – like me, the French and Communications double major – finding your first PR job or internship requires focus, endurance and perhaps most importantly, starting NOW. Naturally, there are plenty of best practices to help college students...

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Amazon and Twitter’s Partnership

- May 06, 2014

Amazon now lets you add items to your cart from your Twitter profile once you sync both accounts. When you see a tweet with a product link on Amazon, you can reply and include the hashtag #AmazonCart. That product will automatically be added to your Amazon shopping cart for you to check out when you're ready. Keep in mind this means that what you place in your shopping cart via Twitter is viewable by the public.

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It all starts with a handshake

By: David Richardson
- April 25, 2014

What does your handshake tell about you? Are you a bone-crusher? Are you a wet fish? Are you a politician? What does their handshake say about them? Are they looking to dominate the conversation? Are they inauthentic and looking to get the conversation over quickly?

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Branding: Design 101

- March 31, 2014

In some ways, the field of marketing is not all that different from the fashion industry. Both industries thrive on the age-old expression "what's old is new again." Coca Cola and Miller have both made "vintage" labeling chic again. However, when it comes to branding strategies – ranging from the top consumer brands to the more targeted business-to-business companies – the "in" look is usually a mix of classic pieces and some edgier tactics.

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Advanced Data Spectrum

By: Emi FitzGerald
- March 31, 2014

Technological solutions can have many moving parts that are sometimes hard to explain. Advanced Data Spectrum (ADS) faced this predicament. They needed a better way to communicate their data management services in a way that conveyed their trustworthiness as a business. As the solution, HCK2 strategized messaging points to be used as the foundation for the content for their new website.

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Dallas National Golf Club

By: Amanda Driggers
- March 31, 2014

Last year, Dallas National Golf Club, an exclusive and highly ranked club, challenged HCK2 to develop distinctive new membership collateral materials. Our team teed off the project with a custom photo shoot, capturing the striking scenery of the course and incorporated texturized paper that resembled high-end leather for the marketing materials.

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Employee Spotlight: Emi Fitzgerald

By: Emi FitzGerald
- March 31, 2014

At HCK2, we carry our “work hard, play hard” mentality beyond the walls of the office. Account Supervisor Emi FitzGerald, is an avid ultimate Frisbee player. As a member of the Dallas Ultimate Association (DUA), Emi appeared on CBS 11’s morning show in October to promote the 2013 USA Ultimate Club National Championships in Frisco. DUA hosted the national championship for the first time in the DFW area in 18 years.

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