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Munsch Hardt wanted to show gratitude to four groups (clients, colleagues, community and the Munsch Hardt family) in a fresh way. They hired HCK2 to write and storyboard a clever New Year’s video that captured a consistent cheers in each scene to the four groups by using aspects of their print campaign, “Not Your Grandfather’s Law Firm.”

The goal of the video was to stand out from anything their competitors have done or might do. The video takes place at a Munsch Hardt New Year’s Eve celebration.

When each group is addressed,aspects of the print campaign (the vibrant socks and trendy accessories) are used to keep brand association and recognition strong. The video wraps up in a final cheers to the New Year bringing the Munsch Hardt logo and tagline into play. The product captures how committed Munsch is to their clients, colleagues and industry. The video card clearly embodies the essence of Munsch Hardt as Anything, but Old-fashioned. With only a day and a half to film, the video far exceeded the client’s expectations. One attorney even said it was the best card of the year, if not the decade.

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"The ability of HCK2 to understand the legal industry and the evolving interests of our clients is unparalleled. From their public relations professionals to their creative masterminds, they have each played an instrumental role in communicating our brand and capabilities to the marketplace. At the end of the day, their responsiveness and value added services simply make our jobs easier!"
-Mark Holub &
Meredith Falke
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