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HCK2 developed a complete internal marketing communications resource toolkit for Munsch Hardt employees to use for outreach. Materials included pocket folders, brochures, inserts, email blasts, e-newsletters and presentations. The purpose of this system was to set guidelines and sample materials that have a consistent brand and message, regardless of practice group or attorney.

Munsch Hardt Projects

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Creative Services

  • Advertising - Print, Radio, TV, Online, Outdoor
  • Creative Copywriting
  • Custom Infographics
  • Media Planning
  • Newsletters, Invitations & Promotional Flyers
  • Overall Design & Concepting

Client Quote

"The ability of HCK2 to understand the legal industry and the evolving interests of our clients is unparalleled. From their public relations professionals to their creative masterminds, they have each played an instrumental role in communicating our brand and capabilities to the marketplace. At the end of the day, their responsiveness and value added services simply make our jobs easier!"
-Mark Holub &
Meredith Falke
Munsch Hardt

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