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HCK2 is a full-service, marketing communications agency specializing in creative, interactive, public relations and social media for a diverse set of clients. In 2013, HCK2 hired its first social media manager to begin offering social media services to clients, as well as manage the agency’s social channels.

A social media audit was conducted, a social media strategy created and daily execution began on HCK2’s social channels. A series of internal social media training sessions were given to educate employees on the social media industry, campaigns established to increase brand awareness and paid social was introduced to further lead generation. Reputation management was incorporated, an Employee Advocacy Program was established, while agency blogs and events began regular promotion on social channels.

These programs and campaigns allow HCK2’ers to engage and incorporate social media into their work life. The Employee Advocacy Program created a team of Brand Champions that further amplify the agency, while displaying team members’ talents. Organically, the agency’s Twitter audience increased 80%, its LinkedIn audience increased 308% and its Facebook audience increased 343% since the start of the program. Instagram was introduced in 2016 and tripled in audience sized organically within 5 months. Current clients and employees regularly engage with HCK2 on social media, while potential clients and candidates peak interest in the agency after viewing its social channels. HCK2 now enjoys a 4 out of 5 star rating on reputational social platforms and regularly sends traffic to the HCK2 website. HCK2 has spoken at 4 national conferences on social media, been selected a finalist for several social media awards including Social Agency of the Year and won Best YouTube Marketing Campaign. HCK2 has also been featured by several media outlets for its advice on social media. Today, social media is an integral part of HCK2’s culture and has rebranded to make social media its own department within the agency. 

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