Dallas Roughnecks

Social Media Case Study

The Dallas Roughnecks are a Professional Ultimate Disc Team located in Dallas, Texas; they are one of the 26 teams of the American Ultimate Disc League, which is the largest professional ultimate league in the world. However, a lack of awareness for the sport presented a challenge in driving ticket sales for the Roughnecks as well as the need for a growing fan base to separate the team from its competitors.

With a strong belief in social media to help bridge this gap, the Roughnecks handed full control of its social presence to HCK2, with the objectives of building awareness for the sport and team, driving engagement among its fans and pushing traffic to its website where tickets are sold.

HCK2 conducted a social media audit, established a strategy and executed it daily. This included expanding its social presence to new platforms, creating a weekly player-promo graphic series, executing several Facebook live segments with the team, live tweeting games, publishing game-recaps, interacting with fans daily and hosting a Reddit IamA to harness millennial engagement.

Social media alone drove more than 50 percent of the e-commerce site’s traffic; this in turn contributed to tickets being sold out for the first game of the season as well as higher ticket sales than other teams in the league for the rest of the season. The Reddit IamA resulted in over 300 questions and comments as well as 800 bit.ly clicks. Facebook live segments entertained thousands of viewers on a regular basis and the Roughnecks’ total social media audience increased 154 percent in four months. 

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