Tips on Ways to Refresh for the New Year

by Julie Rapp

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December in the office is different than any other month throughout the year. Christmas decorations are hung in every office, holiday parties come and go, clients take longer vacations than normal and we are left with a much quieter workspace than we’re used to. What better time than now to press refresh on 2016 and start 2017 off on the right foot?

Below are tips on how to recharge in December for another successful year.

1. Refresh media lists

Assignment editors, producers, reporters and editors change job positions as often as we change our underwear! Throughout the year, it is easy to get caught up in pitching the same media lists and let bounce back emails fall to the wayside. Use December to scrub the 2016 media lists and update contacts and publications. This will automatically increase your chance of more media hits right off the bat.

2. Organize folders

Is it just me or do your folders start spilling over by this time of year? Take an hour or two to throw away unneeded paper, file important documents and create new systems for an organized 2017. This will streamline processes and jump-start productivity with a clean office.

3. Brainstorm big ideas

I continuously think to myself, “If I had an unlimited budget for my client, what would I do with it to create a viral campaign?” December is a perfect opportunity to ask yourself these broad, abstract questions to get the creative juices flowing. Yes, they may not all happen, but no idea is a bad idea and everything can be scaled down to best fit the client. Big ideas always trigger another thought, which could end up being your client’s favorite. Happy client, happy life – right?

4. Set goals for the New Year

Goals and the New Year have gone hand-in-hand for years. Personal goals are determined and strived for throughout the year, but what about work goals? Challenge yourself to write down realistic goals for 2017 in the work place and hold yourself accountable to checking off at least three by next December. Below are a couple of options to spark your goal list.

  • Grow your relationship with your clients
  • Get to know more people in the office
  • Become familiar with the broadcast anchors and producers in your city
  • Write something you never have before – case study, byline article, crisis communications plan, etc.

Now go on…turn on some Christmas music, grab a cup of joe and make this New Year your best work year yet!

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