How to Turn Around the Summer Slump

by Elizabeth Cornelius

Estimated reading time: 1 minute, 50 seconds

Summertime in Texas brings air conditioners working overtime, team members taking vacation time and often more relaxed time inside the office. As a result, projects can stall or continue to get back burnered.

Consider the benefits though of using this slower time to your advantage.

To fight the summer slump, tackle several ideas from the list below, wrap up those nagging marketing communications to-do’s and head into the second half of the year more prepared than ever before. 

  1. Conduct a mid-year database cleanup to prepare for holiday outreach. Add new prospects and delete old or duplicate data.
  2. Update your company brand guidelines to incorporate updates of font options, color pallets and new applications. Remember to share the new brand guidelines across the company and with HR for onboarding.
  3. Scrub your corporate website for old content and messaging or adjustments for the second half of the year.
  4. While in cleaning mode, schedule a two-hour “Recycle Wednesday” for your team to turn off the computer screen and clean out file cabinets, drawers and that cluttered office closet.
  5. Develop your social media content calendar for Q3 and Q4 to include the knowns (trade shows, product launches, announcements) and the creative ideas (seasonal, corporate culture and behind-the-scenes content).
  6. Online corporate newsrooms can get out-of-date and away from you quickly. Identify what’s missing, and make a plan to upload within two weeks.
  7. Utilize summer interns for those projects that always seem to linger. Challenge them to add their own creativity to strengthen the finished product and surprise you!
  8. Design a compelling infographic on first half marketing communications results, and surprise your executive team at the next planning meeting with an at-a-glance they can’t help but share.
  9. Conduct an informal audit on your competitors for earned media, corporate messaging, SEO, marketing materials and social media engagement. Impress your CEO with this valuable perspective on the industry and how your visibility stacks up.
  10. Escape the fluorescent light and lead a half-day brainstorm off site with your team to create your 2016 2H wish list.

Enjoy beautiful summertime in Texas, both inside and outside the office. And best wishes for the most organized and prepared Q3 and Q4 yet.

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