The 2016 Social Media Strategies Summit

by Joy Medellin

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Recently, I had the pleasure of attending the 2016 Social Media Strategies Summit in Dallas. While there, I met fellow social media marketers, learned from leading global brands’ social media managers and assisted HCK2’s Director of Social Media, Ingrid Kibler, in leading a workshop. The conference was a wonderful mix of small business Social Media Managers, Fortune 500 Chief Story Tellers and independent individuals wanting to broaden their social media knowledge. With such a diverse group, there was plenty to learn from every angle of the industry. Here are a few conference highlights:  

  1.  “Keep your team's morale high because it reflects in their writing for social media." - ‪@joyhays ‪#SMSsummit  
    • This quote was taken from AT&T’s Chief Story Teller, Joy Hays. Joy talked about the importance of telling your company’s story through content. During her presentation, Joy mentioned she sees a direct correlation between her employees’ morale and their quality of work. One of the ways AT&T combated this problem was the company cheer campaign, which was a low importance campaign designed merely to promote team morale.
  2. "Distribute content like a boss. Use organic, paid and employee advocacy for max exposure." - ‪@iRyanPena ‪#SMSsummit
    • This quote was taken from MentorMate’s Social Media Manager, Ryan Peña. Ryan was the conference MC and spoke on industry tools and best practices for maximum reach for your brand’s content. His main point was to make all your channels work together to complement one another.
  3. "Let your results and audience dictate your content marketing spend." - ‪@brianrweber  ‪#SMSsummit
    • This quote is from On Target’s Director of Strategy, Brian Weber. Brian’s talk focused on letting your audience guide the content you produce. Look at the analytics and, in the words of Steve Jobs, “get rid of the crappy stuff and focus on the good.” Analytics will tell you what’s working and what isn’t, so pay attention.
  4. "We know our social media engagement drives sales because our audience tells us." - ‪@DennysDiner team ‪#SMSsummit
    • This talk was given by Denny’s Senior Director of Brand Engagement, Erik Jensen, on the importance of engaging with your audience. By remaining timely and producing disruptive and personable content, Denny’s has managed to establish a loyal fan following.
  5. "Embrace your audience's culture and speak their language." - ‪@DennysDiner ‪#socialmedia team ‪#SMSsummit
    • Denny’s last tip was to tailor your content to your audience. The audience is king, so you better listen to them. Know what they care about and how to engage with them about it.

What social media tips do you have? Tweet them to us @hck2. We’d love to hear from you! 

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