Jordan LaMons

Executive Director, Interactive Services
With past experience as an in-house Jordan really hates talking about himself. Like, really hates it. But we don’t mind bragging on him, especially since there are so many reasons to do so.
Jordan is, quite simply, a technology savant. Completely self-taught, he created a database at age 8 to catalog his baseball cards, built his first computer at age 11 (yes, you read that right.. age eleven…) and, shortly after that, made the fixes that would force his dad’s computer to behave and run the new screensaver program that Jordan had saved up to buy for him. Not bad for a pre-teen!
Not only is Jordan a natural when it comes to technology, he also taught himself to play the blues guitar and has since toured with Pinetop Perkins (who accompanied Muddy Waters), Kenny Wayne Shepherd and others. Needless to say, his stash of computer gadgets, gizmos and thingamajigs is rivaled only by his collection of acoustic and electric guitars.
An instinctive problem-solver, Jordan loves pushing the boundaries and continually encourages his interactive-team members to do the same by looking forward, working outside their comfort zones and embracing emerging technologies. That philosophy did not go unnoticed by Website magazine, which cited Jordan in a 2010 article on computer speed and performance.
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Favorite drink? 

You’re in a room full of rubber bands and grapes, what do you do?
Eat Grapes 

Biggest accomplishment? 
Got Married. Still Married.

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"A witty saying proves nothing."
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