Ginger Greenberg

Director of Development + Senior Counsel
With more than 15 years of communications experience, Ginger directs HCK2’s client development and integration processes, as well as serves as senior legal counsel for the agency. No two days are the same and Ginger quickly adapts regardless of the situation or project. Her ability to think with fresh perspectives adds priceless value to each client she works with.

When she’s not at work she’s enjoying the special moments motherhood brings.

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Water Cooler Hanging at the Water Cooler

Best Halloween costume?
I’ve been Ms. Hannigan from Annie for the past two years. I love it because my curly-haired daughter is Annie and I get to wear lots of necklaces, my nightgown and say things like, “my little pig droppings.” 

Favorite drink?
I am a little old-fashioned and adore a good vodka gimlet – boy, does it make you pucker. 

Biggest accomplishment? 
Becoming a mom is definitely my biggest accomplishment. It is a challenge every day that I love and work hard at. 

Would you rather be a fly on the wall for Titanic or the first man on the moon? 
I am not, by nature, a tragic person, so I would rather be the first man on the moon. What an amazing and exhilarating experience! 

Would you rather have permanent eye twitch or permanent wedgie?
Hands down, I would rather have a permanent eye twitch. At least people would think I was winking at them and I could meet them coming as opposed to people watching me go with a wedgie!

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Girl Scouts Taught Me S’more About Leadership, Business and Group Dynamics

- August 10, 2016

A good S’more can make you recall summer nights around the campfire, good times with friends and the soft singing of Taps as the sun goes down. Today is National S’mores Day and I am excited to make S’mores with my colleagues to help Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas announce the new S’mores cookie commemorating 100 years of Girl Scouts selling cookies.

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Stop and Smell the Roses

- April 22, 2015

Dallas in the spring is POLLEN CENTRAL and it is easy to get a foggy head. Don’t let this keep you from stopping to smell the roses and doing a little spring cleaning. I had a moment of clarity last week as my 4-year-old daughter was serenading me with her accordion as I took a shower in her bathroom (our master bath shower is being renovated). I thought – Is this really happening?

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Ginger Greenberg Bio Picture

Favorite Quote

"Do what you feel in your heart to be right – for you'll be criticized anyway."
— Eleanor Roosevelt