Courtney Caldwell

Account Coordinator, PR
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Favorite drink?
Sweet tea with a lemon. What can I say, I’m a southern belle at heart!

Would you rather have 6 puppies or a 3-legged cat?
Is that even a question? 6 puppies of course. Give me all the puppies!

Biggest accomplishment?
Graduating with honors from the best school in the world – The University of Oklahoma!

#1 on your bucket list?
I would love to go backpacking in Europe! How long would I be there? Not sure! Where would I go? Who knows, that’s the fun of it!

Would you rather have James Earl Jones or Morgan Freeman narrate your life?
Hands down Morgan Freeman. That man has a voice as smooth as silk! 

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HCK2 Discovery Day

- January 13, 2017

As we enter the New Year, students and recent graduates alike are preparing to take their bold next steps into the professional world with resumes and portfolios in hand. A task that can be as intimidating as it is exhilarating, landing your first job requires great preparation. With this in mind, HCK2 Partners opened its doors by hosting the inaugural HCK2 Discovery Day.

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Courtney Caldwell Bio Picture

Favorite Quote

"Keep your face towards the sunshine and shadows will fall behind you."
– Walt Whitman