RemitDATA is looking up

by Heather Capps

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RemitDATA wins award at MedTrans conferenceI love it when I get to take some time off from being the Grand Puba to be the Head Cheerleader of HCK2.

We have dynamic clients that do dynamic things, but I believe RemitDATA has one that our creative team will be trying to step over for quite some time.

Recently, the RemitDATA team attended the MedTrade conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

With a newly invigorated brand and flashy new Web presence, they not only wanted the industry to “look at healthcare differently” but also everyone in attendance do the same.

Apparently, this stairway to heaven caught the eye of the sage souls of MedTrade who awarded the design with "Best New Way to Advertise" at the conference, as noted in HME News.

Our client loved it. We loved it. The judges love it. It was a love trifecta.

I’m so proud of our team for thinking far outside the box. And having a client like RemitDATA who both value our expertise and see HCK2 as a trusted partner in terms of creativity and brand leadership make our relationship a winning one.

Together, we have developed a brand that is distinctive, recognizable and very cool. And who says healthcare technology can’t be cool anyway?

Things are looking up for sure. Congratulations!

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