Girl Scouts Taught Me S’more About Leadership, Business and Group Dynamics

by Ginger Greenberg

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A good S’more can make you recall summer nights around the campfire, good times with friends and the soft singing of Taps as the sun goes down. Today is National S’mores Day and I am excited to make S’mores with my colleagues to help Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas announce the new S’mores cookie commemorating 100 years of Girl Scouts selling cookies.

I was a Tejas (now Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas) Council Girl Scout from 1981 – 1992, spent summers at Bette Perot and Rocky Point, sold cookies and took many cultural trips with my Girl Scout troop 976. I treasure my time as a Girl Scout and I know that what I learned in Girl Scouts – I could not have learned anywhere else.

I wanted to share my reasons why I’ll be a troop leader for my five-year-old daughter this fall when she is now old enough to be a Daisy Girl Scout.

  1. BUSINESS ACUMEN: As a Girl Scout, I came up with a plan of how I was going to sell cookies, organize my customers and then deliver the cookies to my family and friends. I had to be accountable to my customers, present myself well and speak persuasively to sell the cookies and meet my goal.
  2. LEADERSHIP SKILLS: To earn a Silver Award, I had to pull from my previous Girl Scout experiences to develop a personal project, execute on the project and then report on its success. As a 13-year-old, I developed and implemented a spring recycling program to celebrate Earth Day. The leadership skills I cultivated while earning my Silver Award served me well through high school, college and into my career.
  3. GROUP DYNAMICS: If you learn one thing from Girl Scouts – it will be how to navigate working in a group. Good group dynamics are imperative to working in an office setting and my Girl Scouts troop experiences building campfires, accomplishing service projects, and meeting goals prepared me very well for succeeding as a communications professional and in life.

For these reasons, I am so proud to be a part of the Girl Scouts traditions that are continuing to fill the pipeline for women in leadership and developing girls with courage, confidence and character.

Please join me in celebrating 100 years of selling Girl Scout cookies and make some S’mores around your campfire. AND – I’ll let you know when my little Girl Scout will be selling cookies!

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