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Will Cowboys Stadium Sod Kick AT&T Out of the Picture?

Earlier this week, Dallas Cowboys Owner and "General Manager" Jerry Jones leaked...commented on a story regarding a naming rights agreement with local corporate major domo, AT&T.


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Take Us Out to the Ball Game

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Get this. It's our Katie Post's first week on the job, and she gets to do this?! Of course, we made her write the blog. Enjoy.]


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TMS' Eddie Gossage has NASCAR PR in his Crosshairs

If you are a gearhead, then this is old hat for you. However, if you are in the biz, you'll appreciate this.


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Texas Motor Speedway's Eddie Gossage Sticks to His Guns

It's only a couple of weeks away when the rainbow-colored, Beef Jerky-scented cloud of NASCAR looms overhead North Texas.


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Super Bowl XLVII Watercooler Talk

[EDITOR'S NOTE: So, everyone has an opinion on the Super Bowl commercials...but, are your opinions televised? Our own Emi FitzGerald had her musings televised, so how do you like those...well, Doritos?]


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In Dallas, PR is in the Stars

The answer for any beleagured sports franchise to silence critics is winning, or at least appear to be headed in that direction.


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Apparently, God doesn't like your Texas Rangers every day

This past weekend was great for baseball.


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BP goes to London to rebuild its image

In times of public crisis and image apocalypse, most companies find an adept, quirky bunch (such as us truly) to get inside immediately and promote the goodness externally, command the situation and correct perceptions. 


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Innocent Until Proven Guilty

[Editor's Note: Although this is going to be a personal diatribe about some spare in Major League Baseball who allegedly won the NL MVP, the subject of this piece is not a team member of the Texas Rangers and, therefore, will be considered by this editor as either "so-so" or "meh." Enjoy the article.]


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The Spooky Halloween Rangers Jinx

Last night was a house of horrors if you watched the Rangers game. Errors, runs and comebacks, oh my! And then, comes the age-old superstition of the Great Game. Just about everyone who loves baseball believes in the jinx.

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